Dear Cancer

Dear Cancer

I kind of hate your guts and I wish you were dead. Not to put too fine a point on it.

Also, I am not the only one who feels this way.

But here you are just the same and so I guess I will need to figure out how to make it work. You are going to keep doing your thing, it seems, but so you know, I am going to keep doing my thing too. And I’m going to do it more. Harder. Better.

Because, if you must know, although I completely disagree with your work and your methods, you are not without value. Since you’ve been around lately, I’ve noticed some things and they’re not bad things.

I’ve noticed a lot of people express care to me and my family — and a lot of them are people I didn’t really expect. We pretty much have a small army on the ready to help with — well, they said “anything.” And I’ve said “I love you” more times in the past month than I probably said all last year. Just FYI. I mean you’re actually kind of terrible at wrecking relationships. No offense.

I pray more these days, I lean harder into Truth. There’s really nothing bad that can come out of that. And you should know that’s going to happen a lot more before you’re done.

Also, It turns out I’m stronger than I thought I was — not that you don’t have more to throw at me down the road, but even there, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna make me even stronger. You kind of awaken our fighting spirit that’s been lulled to sleep by comfort and ease.

For all your faults, you really do have a way of clarifying what matters. And you’re good at motivating us to take the opportunities we have instead of putting them off until next month when we’re not quite so busy — which is exactly what we were doing before you showed up.

I know that your job is to take life, and that ultimately you often do. But sometimes you make us more alive in the process. I wonder sometimes if I shouldn’t hate you as much as I do.



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