Love is reflective, like a mirror: we instinctively reflect the love that we receive.

Can I tell you something about loving humans? Contrary to 80’s pop sentiment, they will give you up, let you down, run around and desert you. Tears, goodbyes, hurt and/or lies guaranteed.

We know this, but we are good forgetters (besides being exceptional failers) and we get all surprised and indignant when it happens — as if we were somehow supposed to be the one exception. But no, everyone who loves agrees to same gritty terms and conditions.

This isn’t to say love isn’t worth it, just that humans will break your heart if you give them the chance; it’s not personal — they just can’t help it. So if we only have the guts love others like others love us, then it’s going to be a sad story indeed.

Fortunately that’s not our only option.

There is this thing called Divine love and Divine love keeps going. It sticks around, even though you were kind of terrible yesterday, or all last month or even your whole life. You can fail the worst fail, be epically ugly, say “No way Jose” to His face, forget how good He is — and His plan to love you and give you good things is completely unfazed.

Sure, there’s things to deal with there, but the basic plot line is that when we do the “give you up/let you down/run around/desert you” stuff, He always, always does the opposite.

It’s pretty much the best thing we have going for us.

And so love is a mirror. We love conveniently to the extent that we reflect human love, and we love enduringly to the extent that we reflect Divine love.

Happy Love Day everyone.

Originally posted Feb. 14, 2016


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