legos and chocolate chips

 Sometimes I put chocolate chips on Legos that look like toilets. Karah has this wild and imaginative spread on a table in the laundry/storage room — which is where I keep the chocolate chips (in theory this was supposed to reduce the amount of chocolate chips I ate, in reality it just increases the amount of times I go downstairs). Don’t know that she gets it, but I do. I probably spend way too much time making myself laugh. But all of us only get the creativity we’re given — some people can create beautiful things with their hands, or make order out of chaos, or come up with brilliant solutions to big problems. And then some of us are wired to put Legos and chocolate chips together to make (kind of) poop. So now you’re trying to not be jealous because maybe your creative-streak isn’t quite as practical and all, but I insist that in whatever way you reflect your Creative Father (and I promise you do), it’s pretty great and also valuable. Possibly even more than Legos and chocolate chips.


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