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the darkest day


Next Sunday is the Darkest Day. It’s the day that we get the least amount of light, the day the sun races to its hiding place in the west.

And we are having a party.

Because the Darkest Day is the day when it all turns around. It’s the day when we remember that this darkness and this cold is not the boss, it doesn’t get to stay forever. It’s the day when finally, the worst is behind us.

The Darkest Day is the day when the Light begins to come.

I have had some dark days in this past year and I have walked alongside friends who have been through darker ones. These places of grief and hurt and brokenness can feel like an unending desert. But the Darkest Day reminds us that these hard days are numbered, that their end is in sight.

Which is something I sort of just HAVE to dance and laugh and sing about. My soul absolutely demands it.

Yep. January is the worst and February is not much of an improvement, save for the daffodil leaves that poke through the dirt. So it is a long, hard battle ahead, but the Light — the Light is coming. It is slow, but it is sure.

The Darkest Day is exactly the sort of place Jesus shows up. Sometimes he brings Instant Sunshine and Gloriousness with him, but mostly not. Mostly he brings January, which feels like no help at all. But the Light is sneaking in and doing its thing and you begin to hear robins and then lawnmowers and then everything is OK again.

I think this is the best story ever. I have seen it over and over in the world and in my friends and in my own life. We don’t always get to know when the Darkest Day is, but we know there is one and we know the Light is coming.

So yes. We are having an honest-to-goodness celebration for this. If you want to celebrate this with us, we’d love to have you. Maybe you are in a dark time or maybe it’s all sunshine and bumblebees — either way, we’d love to be with you.

My kids are the ones throwing the party, so we’ll have group kids’ games and activities, we’ll have food. We’ll have dancing, of course. And we’ll have a short outdoor candlelight ceremony, celebrating Jesus, the Light of the world.

More details to come, but keep it in mind. Next Sunday, December 21, 3:30-5:30 p.m.

(Photo used in this was taken by my friend Serena, during this summer’s spontaneous moon dance at Wallowa Lake.)


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