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This is my kitchen right now. Yours is probably in worse shape because all this got me was three pies in the oven — a tiny fraction of the day’s feast.

Mostly Thanksgiving is messes. There is about 15 minutes of Glorious Wow, but the rest of it is making messes and cleaning up messes.

So, kind of the same as the rest of life.

Today is also about messes because there are relationships. People are exceptionally messy — I know because I am one. The people I love are also walking disasters, to varying degrees, and depending on whether they have been nice to me or not.

Sometimes it’s easier just to avoid people and their mess. Actually, it’s always easier to do that. But here is the thing — messes are how you get the good stuff.

I am really glad for the people who decided I was worth the mess. When I have been confused, or sad, or stuck, or making terrible choices or being awful, they engaged. Even though I was usually screaming. Instead of running away — the smart thing to do — they came towards. They got in that place with me and then we got out together, at least for now.

Don’t be afraid of messes. Messes are how you get the good stuff. Courageous love is work, but I promise at the end is a big plate of Glorious Wow.


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