do your job

Your job is to do your job, not somebody else’s.

This is hard because most everyone else in your life is trying to get you to do their job. They want you to accomplish their dreams for you, which is directly related to their dreams for them. They insist — directly or not — that your talents and energies are best suited for meeting their goals, whether it is for profit or for the general good of the world or for their own personal happiness or sense of self achievement. And then sometimes they don’t even have to ask, we just do it for them.

But your job is to do your job. Your job is to do what you’re supposed to do with this gift of time and life and you-ness that you’ve been given. This is the position that God hired you for on the planet.

It is easier to do other people’s jobs. It pays more, for one, and there is less risk and fear involved. Because once we decide to do the hard thing, to be ourselves and to just be that, it will involve failure and disappointment and criticism. We know our dreams and desires might break if we get them out and play with them. So it is easier to hide behind someone else’s person and dreams.

It’s not always easy to figure out if what we’re working towards is our job or someone else’s. Some of us know exactly what our job is, but a lot of us don’t. Some of us think that our job is to be famous or to get rich or do something impressive or bold. Probably that is not your job. Probably your job looks ridiculously ordinary and will not pay well at all. And probably your job will not even be all that fulfilling most days. But none of this is the point of doing your job.

One thing we can ask ourselves is what my mom once asked me: do you care about this because it needs to be done or do you care about this because it needs to be done and you want it to be you who does it, not someone else?

Do the thing that needs to be done and that you want you to do, not anyone else.

Take yourself as seriously as you take everyone else in your life. God put you in charge of the dreams that he gave you, not the the ones that he gave to someone else.


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