creative / love / nature

love is a pansy


Love is a pansy,
that is what I thought.

It is tu-tus and butterflies and nice flowers
— but not garden roses, because those have thorns.

Love is being nice.
Love is doing what other people want you to do.
Love is for wimps who don’t have the guts to do anything important.

And Jesus wants us to love.

I think that is not what he had in mind, though,
when he said it.

Because love is a pansy.

It is tenacious and tough.
It will grow anywhere, go anywhere —
the vastness of your lawn does not intimidate it
your lawnmower does not intimidate it
your ever so not-green thumb does not intimidate it.

Love is courageous
and dangerous
and adventurous.

Love is a pansy.


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