love / reflections

love is worth fighting for

All the stories — the good ones, anyway — tell us that love is something you have to fight for.

Falling in love, finding yourself in love, anyone can do that. But love always brings us to that point when it seems like it’s over.

It can’t be done.
I already tried.
I’m going to get hurt.

The story has ended and that is our cue to walk away.

Alone, from that bleak place, we hear a whisper — “Go back.”

Love grows the whisper to a deafening roar that cannot be ignored, even in the face of impossibility.

And that’s what we’re celebrating this week, Someone doing what couldn’t be done, what shouldn’t be done, making one last, wild attempt to be with us.

Love is worth fighting for. Jesus, Emmanuel, God With Us — proves it.


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