advent light

“Arise, shine, for your light has come.” Isaiah 60.1

This year for Advent we took a look at the word ‘shalom’, whose definition is so broad and deep a concept that theologians write libraries on and we condensed to ‘the way things ought to be’.

So all season, we have been waiting and waiting in darkness for the Light to come. We have been waiting for the shalom He brings.

The day is here, the Light has come but (SPOILER ALERT) — everything is not all better.

When I woke up this morning everything was, most definitely, not the way it ought to be. My plugged sinuses woke me up. I was distracted and, well, I was not healed of my procrastination tendencies. Or my sugar addiction. In just a few hours, I judged, tried to control the universe, compared myself to others (with byproducts of both pride and insecurity ensuing) and wasn’t super gracious with my words. And this was me on a good day.

This is not the way things ought to be.

I think Isaiah understood the in-between time “has-come” and “will-come” of the Kingdom because right after Isaiah writes about the Light, he proclaims good news for the poor and care and healing for the broken and liberty for captives and comfort and favor and beautiful headdresses.

I need those things. All of them. (Except the headdress. I am probably ok without that because I don’t have shoes to match.)

This is the now of the Advent, remembering to let the Light in, to be available as a vessel for ‘the way things ought to be’, both in myself and in my place in time and space.


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