broken / creative

when I…

When I
eat more vegetables
and less of everything else
and can finally lose those five pounds —

When I
get my schedule back on track
— I don’t know how it ever got away from me
but it does tend to go that way —
I’ll spend more time in prayer
And less time worrying —

Then I will have it together.

When I
they call me back
and can finish my work assignment
— oh and I need to get that editing done
and what did I need to start for next week? —
but it is just a few things more.

Then I will have it together.

When I
talk to my daughter like she asked —
about that boy at school
we’re already there, I guess —
and did she get her homework done?
and what was I supposed to get her for tomorrow?

When I
get those tights to go with my outfit
and a gift for my three-year old nephew
and I was going to do some early shopping before things get crazy —

When I
Catch up on my writing
And order tools for my new-found art
The one that it supposed to help me slow down
and be that creative person I am

Then I’ll have done enough
it’ll have been enough
And I will be whole.



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